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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oh Dear! Weight causes you lazy!


 Dear Friends! One might say you must fast for some days . O.k. It helps! But once you start taking foods  as normal your weight will increase to double the size.
Some may say go for gym. But if  you stop it permanently your weight will  still shoot up. 
What you can do is this. Be concern of your food. Take a bit of exercise or daily work. Please follow this statement;

 "Early To Bed Early To Wake.: 

Good rest will give an energy in your body!
When ever you go for parties try to just taste the food  Don't  fulfill your stomach to satisfy your hunger.

Do People Say You Are Fat?Don't Be Discouraged!

Do People Say You Are Fat? Yes ! They Do! If They think you are a bit flabby and sluggish!
So Don't Be lazy! . So do not eat a lot of junk food. 
Do not eat a lot of sweet

Each person has a different metabolism rate. Some people need to watch their calories just a little more than others because some people have slower body metabolisms. Whether you have a relatively slow metabolism or not, you still should watch your fat intake to prevent heart disease, the American Diabetes Association reports. While most foods eaten in moderation do not cause obesity, some foods make it far easier to become --- and stay --- fat.

Pastries and Candy

Pastries and candy are loaded with sugar, calories and trans fat. Trans fat is fat that lingers in the arteries and blood vessels because it takes more time for your body to metabolize it.

The sugar found in cookies and candy goes directly into the bloodstream. Your body breaks down some of it for use, but some of it stays in your body and turns into fat.

To reduce fat use "GOOD OIL"

Good Oil reduce your fat

 Have you ever heard of this acid before? Well it is a very needy acid. So please know something about this acid.

Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) is one of the major forms of the Omega 3 fatty acids. Before the Atkins diet, most people cut out all fats from their diet to lose weight. By doing this, you may be robbing your body of important nutrients such as essential fatty acids that are vital to your health. Alpha linolenic acid is a unique biochemical structure that cannot be produced by the body and must be present in the diet.

Alpha linolenic acid is one of three forms of Omega 3 fatty acids. The other two include ecosapetanoic acid (EPA) and docosahaxaneoic acid (DHA). Alpha linolenic acid is a major source of plant Omega 3 and large doses are present in a variety of vegetable oils. A rich natural source of ALA is flaxseed oil. Omega 3 fatty acid such as alpha linolenic acid is a unique type of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

It's now thought that trans fatty acids or those fats which have been hydrogenated commonly found in commercially packaged goods, vegetable shortening, some margarine, commercially fried food such as French fries and onion rings increase LDL (bad) cholesterol while reducing HDL (good) cholesterol. Such an increase causes a decrease in body pH (a more acidic blood plasma), which subsequently creates an environment that is ideal for cholesterol plaque buildup. Evidence suggests that alpha linolenic acid along with the other Omega 3 fatty acids have been associated with decreasing levels of blood cholesterol, preventing against cardiovascular disease and management of chronic disorders.

Essential fatty acids, such as alpha linolenic acid, are important for healing the body and maintaining good health. Compounds created from ALA have been proven to prevent clotting and decrease the inflammatory process. This is especially beneficial to individual suffering from arthritis.

Here is an analogy to better understand the importance of fatty acids. Most of us are aware that oil is a necessary "part" of any car's engine, without which it could not function. Just as a car needs the essential "part" of oil to protect the engine while running, so does our body need lipids to run efficiently. The family of lipids (or fats) and essential fatty acids (EFAs) such as alpha linolenic acid are all interrelated, often functioning and acting as if they were one mechanism, one "part" of the body. And like oil is to a car's engine, Lipids and EFAs which include alpha linolenic acid are essential biological substances of our body, without which we could not live or function.

 So on the whole we must thank our ancestors for bringing the habit of using only the  "GOOD OIL". That is the "NALLA ENNAI" which consists of pure vitamins.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013



Welcome Young Ladies! If you are tired of trying many methods to reduce your tummy, then I will suggest you to take "MUM'S  PRASAVA POWDER " To add in your cooking. It is a combination of many herbals and spices to reduce your tummy after you have given birth. This tightens your loose muscles. Also gives you the perfect strength and the young beauty.Your menstrual flow will be normal thus giving you a healthy body.
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

FAT? A Problem? No!


Well Ladies and Gentlemen! 
Are You tired of spending a lot for reducing your's or your beloved lady's tummy?Well it is not a problem if you take some steps at the appropriate time.Do you like to know when and how? 
O.K. Here are the steps you must take. When a mother is pregnant you must give nutritious food and after delivery you must give her "Mum's Prasava Set" which includes herbal preparations to make her stomach to shrink. It drives away the unnecessary fat and flabbiness from her stomach.The mark from the stomach will vanish and her facial g lamer will come back. 
For men they must eat the soup or curry with the wife when she takes the herbal mixtures;for even men need some herbal rejuvenation  after undergoing the stress of a family man.
Both husband and wife must be treated in such a way by the elders so they don't loose their strength and vitality. There is a chance for ladies for the stomach to loosen as in the picture. Be careful!

Monday, May 7, 2012



Hello! You really want to see your slimmed body? Well no money!


Take some deep breathing. Do a bit of shaking legs and hands here and there.
Lie down and do some body rolling exercises.
Live  on  with only fruit juices-no carbohydrates for one week.
Daily take a hot bath.
weekly once do a  full body massage.
Take Tone Up daily.
See with in one weak how  much you reduce.
Then we will continue new methods .
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Flabby Tummy Because Of Pregnancy?
You really Want to Slim Down. Yes?
Well Here Is The Solution !
Did your last pregnancy leave your tummy hanging down?

Don't Forget !You Must Take The Scheduled "Mum's PrasavaSet "Medicines After Delivery!
Which Slims Your Body Features!

 Well.! Then depend on herbs and fruits. Cut down your carbohydrates foods.
When you feel like taking a hot drink buy some hot water and add your herbal powders you are keeping with you. So that means you must select your herbal powders in your pockets before hand.  This will quench your thirst suppress your hunger  which you get unnecessarily and will give extra energy to your   body.Toxins will be cleared by taking the selective herbal drinks.
If you have given birth and because of that you have flabby stomach means you must eat some herbal leyhiams to reduce your womb. Use the 'Mum's Prasava Powder "when ever you can!
Always remember that delivery time is the perfect time to mold your body to a proper size! The moment you deliver you must take one set of "Delivery set " which is prepared by experienced centers.
Do you have an excess around your tummy? Then take a bit of exercise as well as taking some muscle tightening herbal decoctions.
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